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City Fun Group

City Fun Group specializes in 6 app-based scavenger hunt services, Crazy Dash, Wacky Walks, 3Quest ChallengeOperation City Quest, Zombie Scavengers, and Holly Jolly Hunt. Each of our games is different. You'll use your smartphone to play all of our games. Because it's all digital, you don't have to depend on a guide to show you around the town. You can go at your own pace, stop in restaurants or stores along the way, and enjoy the company of the people you bring to play the game with you! All of our games can be played in any city, in any downtown area! Check out each of our individual games' websites to learn more about each service! 

Crazy Dash is an interactive scavenger hunt service that allows you to explore either your city or a new city in a unique way! The adventure uses a scavenger hunt app to give you a list of fun and crazy tasks to complete, as well as some fun things to look for and find around the city. At some of the items, you will be asked to complete a challenge for even more points! Crazy Dash is the easiest of our 5 scavenger hunts, and is perfect for families with small children and seniors.


Crazy Dash scavenger hunt is all about enjoying yourself with friends or family, whether its taking advantage of all the crazy challenges to complete or stumbling upon a cool new place in the city.

The goal of this app based scavenger hunt is to find all the items and complete the challenges, & to have fun with family and friends in your city!

Wacky Walks is a royalty themed interactive scavenger hunt service. It is similar to a board game, in which the power, or control, of the game shifts from one player to another and instead of a board, you'll be exploring the streets of your city with our scavenger hunt app on your phone.


Wacky Walks will start out by designating who will be the first King or Queen. The Royal Highness will then direct the other players to locate items and participate in challenges throughout the kingdom (your city). You'll use our scavenger hunt app to prove you've found correct items and completed the challenges correctly.


The goal of this photo scavenger hunt is to find all the items and complete the challenges, & to have fun with family and friends in your city! Wacky Walks is a perfect for a team building activity, family scavenger hunt, bachelorette scavenger hunt, birthday scavenger hunt, or more!

3Quest Challenge is a photo scavenger hunt service that allows you to explore your city to complete 3 quests using our scavenger hunt app. During 3Quest Challenge, each quest consists of challenges to complete, as well as fun items to discover around the city.

The objective of 3Quest Challenge app based scavenger hunt is to try to complete all 3 quests. You can form teams, compete against your friends, or spend time together with family and friends.


Our city scavenger hunt is perfect for a team building activity, bachelorette scavenger hunt, birthday scavenger hunt, and more!

Operation City Quest is an app-based scavenger hunt service. Everything is done using an app on your phone. Our scavenger hunts can be played in any city, preferably a lively, downtown area. Using your smartphone, you'll be given a list of items to find in the form of riddles and challenges to complete on our scavenger hunt app. You'll go look for the item described in the riddle, complete the accompanied challenge, and send in a photo to get points. Your points will show up on the app's Live Leaderboard so you can see how you're doing compared to teams. There is also a live Activity Feed on the app where you can see the other teams' photos along the way. Set a time limit of around 2 hours, meet back at a destination of your choosing, and determine the winner using the app's Leaderboard.

In this zombie scavenger hunt service, small colonies of the living are doing all they can to survive. You and your team have been tasked with scavenging for survival supplies downtown in this photo scavenger hunt. You’ll need to figure out which items you'll need using an app and find as many items on the list as you can.


With your team of up to 10 people, you will use a scavenger hunt app to search the area for food, supplies, shelter, and transportation. The more things you find, the more points you get, and the more likely you would be a survivor. The task will not be easy. Along the way, you will be asked to do some challenges or answer some trivia questions. The goal in your zombie apocalypse scavenger hunt is to to find all the items and complete the challenges in order to survive the zombie apocalypse!

PS. Our game is family friendly, no actual zombies are involved in this app based scavenger hunt.


Holly Jolly Hunt is a holiday photo scavenger hunt done on your smartphone, that brings your entire family and friends together for holiday cheer. During the adventure, you’ll be seeking out all the traditional, and even the non-traditional holiday items we all see this time of year. You’ll use the app to get points for each item you find. The goal is to capture as many items as you can in order to score as many points as possible. Along the way you’ll be asked to perform silly holiday themed tasks meant to bring laughter and smiles to everyone involved. Come play with us. Young or old, this is a scavenger hunt for everyone that enjoys this time of year. Our game should be done in a lively area of town with plenty of holiday decorations! It can be played in any city, big or small! Holly Jolly Hunt is back for 2023 and we promise you will create holiday memories that you will not forget!

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