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Groupon Redemption
Launching Messages

Welcome to your game! 😀👍 I am are here to help you get up and running. Give me a moment to look up your booking, and get you started! 🔍 My name is 

You're all set. In the Goosechase app, choose to play as a guest or create a Goosechase account. Then search for your game code and select your team. Your game code is

Please let me know when you've selected your team and are ready for me to start your game!

Off you go! Your game has started! If needed, click the "Refresh Game State" button on the app to begin. Have fun! 🏃‍♀️ ▶️🏃‍♂️  I'll be here following along, text me if you have any questions, or need any hints. Use this scale to determine where you fall 

Ending Messages

My time is ending. I hope you had a great time! Thank you for letting me be your guide today! How many stars would you rate us out of 5? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Be sure to checkout our leaderboard tomorrow to see your ranking. Head to our website and click the Leaderboard button.🥇🥈 🥉 Scores are posted every morning.

Great job, you achieved the goal in 2 hours! 🎉🏆


Awesome!!!! 👍

Cool!!! 😎

Excellent photo! 🖼

Funny picture!! 😂

Good one!! 😜

Great sword fight! ⚔️

Keep up the great work! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️

LOL, good one! 😊😆

Nice airplane form! ✈️

Nicely done! 🌠

Now that is funny! 😂 🤣

Perfect!! 🎉

Respect!!! 🥳

This is a neat photo! 😯 

Woah, this is IMPRESSIVE! 😄

Wow, that's hilarious! 😂😂

You've got me laughing! 

You're welcome! 😀

Other Messages

Our system isn't able to pull up your booking with this phone number. Do you have your ticket or voucher number? 🎟 I can look you up that way.

Visit to download our GooseChase app 📲

I see you haven't submitted any items lately, do you need some assistance? 🆘

I see that you have not submitted any photos as of yet. Do you need any assistance? 🆘

I see you haven't created your team yet, do you need some assistance? 🆘

Tip: You can view, share, download, edit, or delete submitted photos by clicking on the "Completed" tab, then scroll down and select the desired photo. 

6-18-2020 - MF